tutuapp How to upgrade ShowBox to latest version 4.82?
how to upgrade showbox app

How to upgrade ShowBox to latest version 4.82?

ShowBox is one amazing movie streaming application that is taking people by storm. You might wander around on your net, to find some of your favorite films to download, whereas, with ShowBox on your smartphone, you just need to type the movie name, choose the resolution, language, subtitles, and download.

Just before traveling to other city or country, you can put movies and episodes on download, and watch them as and when you like. One amazing thing offered by ShowBox is HD video quality on your small portable screen. You not just enjoy endless entertainment on your smartphone, but also, have all the options available on your finger tip.

So if you want to pause the movies, watch the last scene again, forward the episode or change the language right in between the show – everything is possible with ShowBox movie streaming application.

Downloading or upgrading the application has never been difficult for its users. Still, people have questions regarding its up gradation. So we’ll be listing down different ways to upgrade ShowBox new version. They’re easy and at the same time, a little tricky.

#Method 1

Through app

If you’re using ShowBox currently, it will show you a notification screen every now and then, you just need to follow the instructions.

Step 1 – Open your ShowBox application

Step 2 – It will show you a notification box saying, “Upgrade to the new version 4.82”

Step 3 – If you’ve time, press “Upgrade now”, otherwise, upgrade later.

Step 4 – As you tap on Upgrade, the app will show you a timer, which will constantly inform you of the time that is going to be consumed.

Step 5 – Wait for few minutes, and then open the application again. You‘ll see a major difference in the interface and the features. And that’s it, the application is upgraded with all new version.

#Method 2

Download the application

So if you’re using the application right now, but not getting upgrade notification, you can follow the steps listed below.

Step 1 – So first of all, before downloading a new version of the application, clear all the data and cache of ShowBox APK.

Step 2 – For this, go to your phones setting > applications > find ShowBox > tap on it >tap on clear data > clear cache.

Step 3 – Now delete the application from your smartphone.

Step 4 – Visit its official website or other third party sites like up to down, apkraw, apkpolice. Download the new version.

Step 5 – As downloaded, tap on the link and commence the installation process. It may take a few seconds.

Step 6 – Now open the app, and you’ll be able to see new features, options, and interface changes.

Final verdict

There might be a possibility that you may have missed the upgradation notification, and that is why you’re unable to upgrade the new version of ShowBox. Please remember that if you stream movies and tv shows without upgrading the application, you’ll not be getting new changes and updated list of content on your mobile. Hence, it is vital to update the application as soon as possible.