tutuapp Recover Using These E Android Recycle Bin Apps

Recover Using These E Android Recycle Bin Apps

When you make mistakes on your computer system, you always have an possibility to correct it with various option. As well as, if by mistake you delete an entire folder that was quite important to you. You don’t sit and cry for the loss you beared, the computer gives you an option to retrieve the folder via recycle bin. I guess that is the best possibility a PC can provide you with.

But what if you do the same mistake with your mobile. Certainly, smartphones does not provide you with these safe options. In fact, if you delete a file or application, most of the time, you regret your step. Now the question is whether we can undo our mistake on mobile phones?

The answer is YES!

Android market has a reputation between its users due to its amazing features and unbeatable choice of application in a go. Thus, we can say that Android market is giving us the facility to retrieve our data very easily. There are recycle bin application that allow you to restore your data in almost no time. So, let’s discuss the the top 3 Android Recycle Bin application:-

Top 3 Android Recycle Bin apps

There are plenty of Android recycle bin apps available on Google Play Store. Today we will be discussing the top 3 Android Recycle Bin application suitable with your mobile or device.


  • Google Photos

    google photos

Google photos is the best thing ever happened to Android phones. It enables you to keep a backup of your photo and videos and at the same time you can also edit them for a better experience. It keeps your photos safe and secure in its memory, whenever needed can be used as and when you like. Remember the photos you delete go to the trash and remains there intact for the next 60 days. Therefore, you can make up your mind to restore the photos or let them be. It is quite an interesting application for Android users.

  1. ES File Explorer

    app for recover

ES File Explorer is not just an way to store your files and folders, it also acts like a manger to your files which organizes and keeps them safe for you. It offers you loads of features but the best one can be said to be “Recycle bin”. Indeed, if you need to manage your files, ES File Explorer is the best application you can download for your Android devices. It not only allows you to save your important documents but also enables you to explore new possibilities like editing, note making etc.

  1. Dumpster Image & Video Restore

    dump imager

Dumpster is an application that works throughout your Android device. It collects all the deleted files and allow you to restore them as and when you like. The dumpster works on videos, images, Mp3, pdf, zip, Mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar and all other files type. Dumpster also gives you a feature to restore the file and have a glance at the same time. Just remember to auto clean dumpster in 1 week, 1 month or for that matter even 3 months.


All the three recycle bin applications are quite great at their work. Indeed, they provide you with the best features available for Android devices. Certainly, we all have started using our mobile phones as a computer but now with these new apps we are sure computer will soon extinct from the world. What do you think?